How To Make Your Blog Stand Out In A Crowded Niche

When you choose to make a blog in a niche that has a lot of bloggers already like food, travel, and beauty, it is going to be hard to get noticed. Thus, you will need to do things that will make your blog stand out above the rest of them. Yes, it is important to know how to make your blog stand out in a crowded niche. One thing to do would be to build a unique and catchy blog name. It could incorporate what your blog is all about and it can even include your name. This is where you can put your creativity to test when you capture a lot of reader’s minds into your blog. Another strategy would be to not make the design too simple and not overcrowd it with ads. Yes, readers would not want to go to a website full of ads as they would realize right away that the blogger is just trying to earn a few extra bucks. The design should be pretty good so that word of mouth would get around about your blog. Hence, it would be a nice idea to hire a good web designer who would design your blog in such a nice way that would impress some people who are not even interested in your theme. For example, you can impress people who are travelers even if your food is all about food. It can have a lot of pictures of yummy food all over the front page and you will make a lot of people hungry even if it is not yet lunch or dinner.

One common strategy would be to focus on the quality of your blog posts. Yes, it is not all about the number of posts you have in your blog but their quality speaks a lot too. Thus, you must make it a priority while you are in your office to read your blog post many times so that you would spot simple grammar mistakes and sentences that don’t really make a whole lot of sense. You can even choose to improve them in order to get more readers. A simple edit can push someone to click that Facebook share button and that would expose your blog to a whole new crowd at a different level. Those are little things that won’t matter now but they will in the near future. Adding a ton of visuals like pictures, GIFs, and videos would not hurt at all in each and every one of your blog posts as long as it is appropriate. There are times when your reader will stay glued to the post due to the purpose of getting entertained. Yes, some people are just plain bored so they read blogs. Most of them came there from clicking the link on Facebook though. You would want to give them a reason to stay so better to choose topics that a lot of people are talking about nowadays. You can watch the comment section pile up like a pile of pizzas.