A Brief Review Of The World’s Most Popular Podcast Episodes

We have seen a lot of podcast episodes that have been great over the years. The thing with these episodes is that they were edited to perfection. You know they were not edited by some three years old looking to make a name for himself. They were edited by someone who knows what he is doing in the world of video editing. Also, some of the biggest names in sports were guests so you know the views were high. JJ Redick had Kevin Durant in his podcast and the ratings were extremely high. Another thing to point out is that the podcast hosts knew what to ask their guests when the opportunity was right. There is no doubt they have some kind of schedule where some guests would know when they will appear on the show. Of course, that is not saying they would want to tackle issues in the past that we would not forget for a pretty long time. You will be motivated to press the like button so that you can watch the podcast episode again once you feel like there is the need to do so. When that happens, you will feel obligated to comment on the comments section. There is no harm in doing that as you will be interacting with other people who also like to listen to the amazing podcast.

The voices of the podcast hosts were loud and clear. They certainly know what they were talking about. They know they want to have a show and interview a lot of people about what they do in the business. These episodes lasted more than an hour and there was not a single dull moment. You would not even notice how fast time flies when you watch those popular podcast episodes from the comfort of your office. Of course, they would want nothing more than for you to enjoy your time while watching the podcast or listening to it on iTunes. In fact, it would be great to do it while eating lunch or drinking a cup of coffee. Steve Austin has his own podcast and he had such a great episode with Brock Lesnar and those two made for such a good combination. It was a tale of two stars we never thought we would see together again. They were right there with each other during the prime of their careers but they never really had a match with each other. Nowadays, Lesnar is just pounding on a bunch of nobodies in UFC even though he is put over as more of a start in wrestling than he ever was before even if he did not really deserve it. Austin did not waste time in asking him what he thought of his past matches and some backstage issues. Both superstars told some amazing stories and it is one of those things that would spike up the interest of viewers and watches. You would want nothing more than to find out things you never thought would happen in the past.