How To: Designing a Website for an e-Commerce Paintball Store

Designing a website for e-commerce purposes is a standard procedure nowadays as many individuals and companies want to sell their products online. However, the number of customers that a site is likely to attract highly depends on the design of the website. In this case, we’ll use the example of designing an e-commerce paintball store. Designing an e-commerce platform for a paintball store will require expertise and skills that will ensure the website is attractive and optimized enough to attract and retain customers. The strategies below highlight how one should design such a website.


Use Complementing Colors

Like any other kind of design word, website design relies very much on color combination and complementing one another. You want your Paintball platform to look attractive and not confused. This means that you need to use colors that are consistent with the color of your Paintball tools such as guns and other equipment. For example, you can consider complementing black, white, and grey colors together. These have been used in this case as an example. You can find using a color wheel or color chart that will help you to determine complementing colors that will make your e-commerce platform to look attractive and lively.

Adopt Minimalist Design

An e-commerce platform can adopt two user interface design which includes either minimalist or brutalist. Minimalist website design has a few images and much white space. This means that any visitor can easily see what is essential in that page rather than a brutalism design that has large and bold text such that the user finds it difficult to find what is important in that website. In your Paintball Store, make sure you implement a minimalist design where products on the store will be easily displayed for the user to see them without much struggling.


Adhere to Intuitive Website Design

Adhering to the fundamental standards of an e-commerce platform should be done while designing your Paintball online store. You might mistake me for discouraging creativity and fresh ideas. However, you should understand that individuals are accustomed to a particular website design such that anything else might surprise them and they might find it confusing. An intuitive website design ensures that navigation options such as tabs to different web pages are placed on top of the landing page while helpful links such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ should be set at the bottom of the page.

Add Navigation Options

Your Paintball online store should be easy to navigate without giving many challenges to the users, especially the first time visitors. You should ensure that you place the most important links that lead to various pages on top of the home or landing page. For people to buy your items on your e-commerce platform, they must be able to navigate from one page to another such that they can read various product and their specifications while at the same time going to the payment page without difficulties. You should understand that customers are not willing to stay on a page that is difficult to navigate and they will easily bounce to another e-commerce platform where they can navigate easily.

Maintain Consistency

For your Paintball Store to attract and convert traffic to customers, it should have a consistent design. For example, the images used on the site should be on the same size and they should be vector quality so that individuals can be able to see even the fine details when they access your platform through mobile. The text and colors used on the home page should be maintained across all the pages of your e-commerce platform. You cannot use cool colors and one page and then follow that with bright colors on the next page. Take a look at some other paintball related websites to see how yours stacks up.

Performance and Speed

Performance and speed are other essential features that you should consider when designing the website for your Paintball Store. You want your customers to access your e-commerce platform within the shortest time possible so that they can purchase or see what they are looking. People will not spend their precious time waiting for your platform to load while there is another platform selling the same products that are loading quickly. You should ensure that your Paintball online store takes less than two seconds to load as a website taking much longer than two seconds is considered slower.



Security is a paramount feature that should be considered when designing a website for your e-commerce platform. With the emergence of cyber-security, ensuring that your visitors feel secure by ensuring that their registration passwords have been encrypted, especially when you want your customers to register. The payment option should also be secure as online hackers are using information on credit/debit cards to transfer money illegally.

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