Nonfiction eBook Ideas

In this module are lists of more than 50 ideas for nonfiction books and ebooks (and I’ll be using the words books and ebooks interchangeably). Ideally, you will come here and read these ideas with a niche, interest, hobby, industry, or topic in mind, since it’s a lot easier and more enjoyable to write about things you’re interested in.

For each ebook idea, I’ve linked to several examples of existing books and ebooks on Amazon that are based around that idea. Insert your niche or topic idea into the titles of those examples and see if what comes out the other end is something you would be interested in writing. I’m an avid rock climber and use rock climbing as my niche of choice for when I create examples. Rock climbing is an average hobby that isn’t super commercial or competitive. I figure it makes a good stand-in for many people’s interests and hobbies.

I’ve been compiling these examples for a while, and some of the examples I’ve found in the past are no longer listed on When this is the case, I’ve added “No longer available” in parentheses after the book’s title. I don’t endorse any of the books I link to; they’re included merely as examples of an idea. The actual books themselves are of varying quality, and with some of them, the idea is definitely better than the execution.

Most of these book ideas you could definitely charge for. Others might be better suited as giveaways on your blog, mailing list, or website.

Other tips for coming up with ebook ideas

More ebook ideas will be added to the above pages as I think of them. Until then, there are other ways to come up with ebook ideas, including the following:

  • When looking at any book on Amazon, pay close attention to the Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought section.
  • Go check out the comprehensive list of book categories listed here (click on one of the three broad category links to get started) and see if any potential ebook topics jump out at you.
  • Read through 365 Blog Post Ideas. Just about any one of those ideas could be expounded on and turned into an ebook.



Header photo: Alexandre Duret-Lutz