What should you write about?

Maybe you’ve gone through the Osmosio list of nonfiction ebook ideas. Maybe you have a series in mind that could be the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games. Maybe you have the seeds of a few ideas but aren’t sure if you should pursue them.

In other words, you’re not sure what to write about or where you should start.

For most people reading this, I’m guessing that this is more a question of prioritization. Which book should you write first? I think that the following three recommendations should be taken into consideration by all authors:

1. Write about things you enjoy – You’ll be able to write faster, and the writing will hopefully not feel like a dreaded chore.

2. Write about what you are knowledgeable about – You’ll spend less time doing research. What you write will be authoritative and will make sense. Write things that you can back up with your qualifications.

3. Write about what will make you money – If making money from your ebooks is important to you, pick the idea that you think has the most potential for sales.

Where you start really just comes down to which of the above points is most important to you. If you’re interested in making money, write a book that you think is marketable. If you just want to write for the love of writing, pick the book you’re most excited about.

There are other factors to consider, however. If you’ve never published an ebook before, maybe you want to test out the publishing process with a book that you don’t care too much about. One of my early self-published ebooks was a collection of my own (rather poor) poetry. I knew no one would buy it (and that has indeed been the case; I’ve sold one, maybe two copies), but I wanted to become more familiar with the Kindle formatting and publishing process. In that regard, the book was a success.

Future writing and publishing plans should also be taken into consideration when trying to figure out which book to work on first or next. If I had an idea for a handful of stand-alone books and also an idea for a series of books, with all other things being equal, I’d start working on the first book in the series. There’s more of a potential financial upside to writing a series of books than a handful of dissimilar works.

Or you may find that you have a book inside you that needs to get out. When you try to work on anything else, all you can think about is that book. It gnaws away at you and won’t get out of your brain. In that case, it could be best to get that one book out of the way so that you can work on others more effectively.

What if you aren’t one of those people that already has a ton of ebook ideas? What if you just want to check “write a book” off of your bucket list? If you’re interested in writing nonfiction, take another look at the Nonfiction eBook Ideas section of Osmosio. Decide which topic or interest you’d like to write about and think about how you can apply the ebook ideas to that topic or interest. Make a list of the ideas you come up with, and then figure out which one to start with by weighing the pros and cons for each. If you’re interested in writing fiction and don’t have any ideas, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not a fiction writer. I would try to find some writing prompts that speak to you and then write short stories based on those prompts. Write enough short stories until you either can combine them into a publishable collection or find an idea that you like enough to expand on to create a novel or novella.

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Header image: Chris