Above: The fields for book contributors and language

Above: The fields for book contributors and language

Book contributors

This is where you enter in the name of the author(s) and anyone else who contributed to the book. These are the types of contributors you can add:

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Forward
  • Illustrator
  • Introduction
  • Narrator
  • Photographer
  • Preface
  • Translator

You can enter in multiple contributors. Note that the order in which you enter in the names will reflect the order that they’re shown in on Amazon. If you want your name to appear first, enter it in first.

You can also enter in a pen name here, so you don’t have to enter in your real name. The following are circumstances in which you might want to use a pen name:

  • You want to keep your identity private.
  • You want to separate your author life from the rest of your life.
  • You write in multiple genres of ebooks and don’t want your middle-grade fiction audience finding the books you wrote for your erotica audience.
  • You don’t like your name.
  • You share your name with an already-established author.


Choose your book’s language from the dropdown menu. English is the default language. The following are available as choices:

• Afrikaans
• Alsatian
• Basque
• Bokmål Norwegian
• Breton
• Catalan
• Cornish
• Corsican
• Danish
• Dutch/Flemish
• Eastern Frisian
• English
• Finnish
• French
• Frisian
• Galician
• German
• Icelandic
• Irish
• Italian
• Japanese
• Luxembourgish
• Manx
• Northern Frisian
• Norwegian
• Nynorsk Norwegian
• Portuguese
• Provençal
• Romansh
• Scots
• Scottish Gaelic
• Spanish
• Swedish
• Welsh

What do you notice about those languages? Japanese aside, they are all western or central European languages. Languages like Chinese and Russian are not on the list. Does this mean that there are no Chinese or Russian books in the Kindle store, or that Kindles don’t support these languages? No and no. There are, in fact, books in Chinese, Russian, and many other languages that aren’t part of the above list in the Kindle store. Here, for example, is the Russian-language version of classic Russian novel A Hero of Our Time. And here is a bilingual Chinese-English version of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Here is a version of the book entirely in Chinese.

So what does this mean? Does this mean that you aren’t allowed to sell Russian or Chinese books in the Kindle store? Are the examples that I linked to above only temporary, and will Amazon pull them at some point? I don’t know. If you want to publish books in a language that isn’t in the list above, I suppose you do run the risk of Amazon pulling your book, and I remember hearing that this happened with Polish ebooks a couple years back. Publish books in unsupported languages at your own risk.


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