Content order

The outline below should give you a general idea of how the content in your book should be organized. There are no hard-and-fast rules governing this stuff, but most books are ordered as follows:

Front matter

  • Title page – Include the book title and author name.
  • Copyright page – At the very least, this page should include this: “Copyright © 2012 by Tristan Higbee. All rights reserved.” (With your name replacing mine, obviously.) This is also the place to acknowledge or caption any cover artwork. Here is a good list of what else you could include on the copyright page.
  • Dedication page
  • Table of contents

The body of the book

  • Introduction/Prologue/Preface/Forward
  • Main content of the book (i.e., the chapters)
  • Afterward/Epilogue

Back matter

  • Appendices/Further reading
  • Other books by the author/About the author

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