Kindle publishing essentials

This section covers a bunch of the stuff that you need to know when publishing a Kindle book. None of the Kindle ebook formatting information is here, though—that’s all in the Word to Kindle module.

Be sure to check out the General articles about ebook publishing section at the end of this page, too!

Filling out the “Add new title” page for new Kindle books

When you log in to KDP, the first step to publishing a book is to click the orange/yellow “Add new title” button that is at the top of the Bookshelf page. Here’s what the button looks like:

Why are you trying to click this? It's not a real button :)

Once you’ve clicked that, you’re on what I’m calling the “Add new title” page. This is where the meat and potatoes of Kindle ebook publishing gets done. It’s where you enter in all of the book’s information (title, description, categories, etc.), create or upload a cover, and upload the actual book file that you have properly formatted and saved. Here is a screenshot of the whole page.

There are several numbered sections or parts that make up that page. These sections are covered below, along with any relevant information you should know or things you should consider when publishing your ebook.

Introducing KDP Select

(This is the blueish box at the top of the page.)

Section 1: Enter Your Book Details

Section 2: Verify Your Publishing Rights

Section 3: Target Your Book to Customers

Section 4: Upload or Create a Book Cover

Section 5: Upload Your Book File

Section 6: Preview Your Book

For help here, refer back to the 3 ways to preview and test your book section of the Word to Kindle module. Here is the Mac version, and here is the Windows version. Scroll down about halfway down the page to find the 3 ways section.

Note: Sections 7 through 10 appear on the next page one you click the “Save and Continue” button.

Section 7: Verify Your Publishing Territories

Section 8: Choose Your Royalty

Sections 9 and 10: Kindle MatchBook and Kindle Book Lending


The only thing left to do once you’ve finished up with sections 9 and 10 is to check the box to signify that you agree to the KDP Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve done that, click the orange/yellow “Save and Publish” button and you’re good to go!



General articles about ebook publishing


Header photo: Peter Van Lancker