Designing Responsive Websites in 2018

It is necessary for all entrepreneurs to have a good responsive website nowadays. In the world today, people are increasingly using their cell phones to conduct research online before they buy any product and catch up with the latest news. You should not let your business have a website, which is not responsive.

Google favors websites that are mobile responsive in their search algorithm; if this is your goal- which am sure it is- you should always make your site is fully responsive in all devices. Bellow are the guidelines for a good responsive website:


Understand how clients use their cell phones

Most people will use their websites on their computers more than they will on their mobile phones. Survey to know why your website visitors are accessing your site using a cell phone and find out the elements and pages they obtain most. With this information, you will be able to know the sheets and other factors that you should be available on smaller screens to favor those clients.


Plan for the design

It is best if you plan your layout before designing the website. Planning will not only enable you to come up with the exact thing that you wanted but also it will make it easy for the designer to be able to modify the template and integrate the site seamlessly with your product.

It will be good if you generate several prototypes of the website and conduct a test on them on different screen sizes to make sure the real site will be responsive.



Be keen and careful with the navigation because it is the most vital part of all websites. It acts as a roadmap for your clients or any other visitor allowing them to access all pages on your site quickly. On the desktop version of your web, the navigation will always have some visible links that will lead visitors to the relevant pages. However, on the mobile phone, the best thing to do is using a hamburger icon and then placing the links behind.


Nevertheless, the idea might not favor everyone since some visitors might not realize they have to click on the icon to see the menu, they will be frustrated since they cannot visit pages that are more important. The best option is having the vital list visible to all people and then uses the hamburger menu for the other links.

Navigation doesn’t have to be complex. For example, this site about electric pressure washers uses a simple but effective navigation menu.


Optimize the Images

Images are also important when designing your website. They act as a link between you and your clients allowing visitors to see the type of products you have and choose the best. You should consider having your images visualized all the time. You should also have your pictures saved in the appropriate format with the correct information to avoid confusion.


Consider a Mobile As Your First Approach

Designing a mobile version of the website is another approach for a responsive design. It helps you know and sees how the logos, images, texts, and other elements will appear on smaller screens if a visitor uses a cell phone. If they display without problems, it is easy to do it right on larger screens.

WordPress Vs Drupal: A Brief Comparison

Ease of Use

One of the deciding factors when using a website development program is going to be how easy it is to use. After all, for those of you who do not know how to code or only a little coding, you want something that can be leveraged to get the maximum benefit. In most instances, WordPress wins. As far as back-end use is concerned Drupal is more complicated to use. On the other hand, the CMS employed in WordPress is intuitive and straightforward to use. No coding experience will be required. The interface is such that setting up a simple website or blog, for that matter, is relatively easy. Really speaking, Drupal is more for those of you who have decent programming knowledge.


Security Issues

In this day and age, security is a big topic among IT professionals. And on this front, Drupal performs better. Although, some would argue that this has more to do with WordPress being a more popular and widely used tool. That may or may not be the case, but the fact is that you, the user of Drupal will be able to expose any security vulnerabilities, once found. When it comes to plugins and themes, WordPress has had issues. For all these reasons and more, security concerns are one of the top reasons why government agencies use Drupal more often.


Custom Designs

The plugins and themes provided by WordPress is very easy to use. All it takes is drag and drop action by you, and you can turn a bland looking web page into a nice one. The WordPress website now offers over 5000 themes and over 50,000 plugins to choose from, for free! If you are willing to spend a little money, then there are even more options. In Drupals case, there may not have as many plugin options but users like the scalability option and coders like the API Features. Drupal also offers database abstraction, auto-update notification, localization, etc. These features are not quite as advanced on WordPress.


SEO is King

No talk of website building or anything related to it is complete without speaking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This topic is all about getting your web page a high ranking, organically. What’s interesting is that both Drupal and WordPress get high marks in this area, but they achieve it in different ways. Drupal decided to go toward the default caching route. This ensures faster load times; an important criterion to get high SEO ranking. With WordPress, they tackle the SEO ranking issue by offering you the required plugins.



Both Drupal and WordPress will not charge for downloading and using their system. However, Drupal does not have as many free themes and plugins. This means, as soon as you start buying the premium themes from Drupal, it will cost quite a bit more than WordPress. Things get worse when you get third party help to set up your web page for Drupal. This has more to do with the law of supply and demand since there are less Drupal developers available.

Designing Your First Website Is Easy

You can take a couple different steps that will get your first website designed, and you will be so happy about the fact that you have made these choices. You will also notice that you can get the website to look perfect when you have trusted in people who knows how to make this easy on you. You will be much happier because you are using something that can get you just where you need to go. You also have to see if you can work this out before you have to get your website actually up. You need time, and you will use this time for design.


Pick The Right Place

You can pick the right place, and you will be very happy with the fact that you can get your whole different website made just with a company that you trust. You can also make sure that you will have a site that will look great and also look professional. This is a very big deal for you because it can help you make certain that you have the comfort that you need. There are some people who will be very happy about this, and now they can make some thing pretty.


Choose Art Well

The art that you choose has to be picked because you believe that it will work the best for you. You can get something that will work on your site because it was so much nicer for your site. You can pick out things that you think are the best, and you also have to know if you will have something that will be just right for the site. You are making the site in the image that you want, and you are making the site look like it belongs.


The Site Address

You have to pick an address that will be just right, and that will be right for you. This means that you have to pick something simple, and you will use that simple product to get yourself into the right place. That will be the right thing for you, and it will make you so much more comfortable because you will have much more fun for you because you can make the site memorable. The site that has the easiest of the URLs to remember will help you have the best way to make people remember and come back to you.


The best part of this is that people will start to learn about something that could be just right for them so that they can figure out how to make the site look great. You will build something that is perfect, and you will notice that you have a way to make a site that is actually the right thing for you to do. You get all the things you need, and you will be much happier.